I am a still-developing (pardon the pun) amateur photographer, generally taking pictures of landscapes, but focusing (another one) on landscape astrophotography. Occasionally, given the opportunity, I enjoy capturing images of hot air balloons being inflated and in early flight.


I find my inspiration in nature and the peace of a nighttime sky filled with stars.


I am largely self-trained through a mixture of online research, consultation with other photographers, and experimentation in the field, to the point where I have some tested and well-tried techniques that yield a fairly predictable result for me when I follow my own procedures.


I have formed a great affinity for the Sand Bar State Park and surrounding area here in Milton and it’s my first choice for where to shoot. I find that the different times of day and year create a great variety of opportunities to try new things even within a small geographic area.


I endeavor to keep learning new techniques in the field and at home in my “digital darkroom” and look forward to taking advantage of my growing arsenal of skills when new opportunities present themselves.

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