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Alana Lambert

My journey as a self-taught “thriving artist” began with multiple moves across the U.S., living as a child in a Marine Corp family.  My struggles with reading disabilities made life difficult, especially while attending traditional public schools. My escape was art, with paints, crayons, fresh paper, and any type of medium that was available.  That is how I thrived as a child, and I am still able to do so to this day.

    I see a creative hand in everything around us and seek to amplify the world as I see it, and as it is sometimes overlooked.  My hope is that as you experience my art, the world reflected therein is able to elicit a positive response in your life.

    “Art the Touches” is a positive interaction with my work and you, the viewer.  It may invoke a smile, recall a memory, remind you of a place, embrace a loved one, and more fully enjoy your gift of today.

Thank you for allowing me to share my vision of the  world around us!

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