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Anne Cummings

Anne’s involvement in the arts has been a lifelong pursuit, from art classes at the Toledo Museum of Art as a child to creating and teaching art in many venues throughout her art career. Anne pursued a joint Bachelor of Arts degree in studio art and art history from Ohio University, with a Certificate in Asian Studies, and later did graduate work in history and art history at the University of Toledo and Ohio State University. She completed a Master’s degree at Saint Michael’s College in Creative Arts in Education. Her current goal is to use her Eco-Art to convey environmental messages, heighten awareness of climate issues, and support sustainability causes.

Anne has worked professionally in the arts in many capacities. She has been a business owner, exhibition coordinator and designer, museum store manager, artists’ representative, graphic artist, grants writer, member of a fiber artists’ cooperative, and art consultant. Anne recently retired from a more than 20 year career as an art educator at Colchester High School and is now focusing on a full-time studio art practice.

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