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Christian Schoenig

I was first introduced to metal sculpture shortly after college. After seeing a flyer at a local grocery store, I signed up for a ten-session artistic welding class taught by a grizzled old metal artist in the hills of Wheelock, Vermont. Right away, I was hooked. Maybe it was some primal, testosterone-fueled, male power trip thing, but holding the power in my hands to liquefy metal and change its form to my own design was (and still is) a complete rush.


The materials that I use in my work are almost entirely recycled scrap steel, old hand tools/machinery, discarded engine or other industrial parts. I source materials from various mechanics metal recycling dumpsters, yard sales and old “farm dumps”. Much of the bits and pieces that I use in my sculptures may otherwise rot away somewhere, tarnishing the landscape. I take the old, discarded steel and give it a new life. I enjoy the idea that the cast-away, weather-worn materials, long ago used in a “working” environment can be transformed into something beautiful.

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