August Artists Of The Month

Jessica Remmey - Magenta Pines
Jon Young
Ghost Ship - Ann Bissonnette
Jim Brtalik

On Thursday, August 9, 2018, the Milton Artists’ Guild will hold its monthly “Featured Artist of the Month” Reception from 4:00-6:00 pm at 199 US Route 7 South, Milton, in the plaza behind the Milton Post Office. Two Milton Artists’ Guild members will be showcased: Jessica Remmey and Ann Bissonnette. In addition, young artists who participated in the Community Promise Mural Project at Bombardier Park on June 23rd will also have their work exhibited. Folk and contemporary Vermont musician Jim Brtalik will perform from 4-6 pm.


Ann Bissonnette had the good fortune to have a high school art teacher who opened the door to art for her and said, “Come on in.”  By her senior year she had been teaching junior high art for two years and, as an art major, had been introduced to countless art projects that ranged from painting to weaving to pottery to papier mache.  Ann chose to go into professional Recreation, with art being an integral part of what she did. As a young adult, when she couldn’t afford to furnish her house with art that she loved, she decided to make her own. She had been painting in acrylics then but longed to learn more about watercolor and finally took a course with Kathy Berry Bergeron who constantly encouraged her to offer her paintings for sale. Since then, she has been trying this, trying that, doing it over, trying it again. And it never grows old.  Sometimes she returns to work in acrylics, sometimes in pottery, and then, back to watercolor.


Jessica Remmey is a self-taught photographer who looks for beauty in ordinary settings.  Her photography style evokes serenity and healing. A Vermonter, Jessica was raised in Milton and now lives in the Champlain Islands.  Photos have always played a large part in her life.  Following her parents’ example of having a camera available makes it possible to document travel, outings, and the small moments of daily life.  Many of her most memorable photos are captured by chance; having the camera available and coming upon the perfect scene.  Jessica hopes to convey to others appreciation of the natural beauty that surrounds us. Jessica’s primary subject began with Vermont landscapes.  Jessica’s photos have been on display at Northwest Medical Center, Milton Public Library, Apollo Diner, Uncommon Grounds, Mirabelles, The Daily Planet, the Champlain Valley Fair, U.S. Attorney’s Office, the Village Cup, NBT Bank, Pine Street Deli, Matthew Little Law Office, Merchant’s Bank, Georgia Public Library, and Union Station.  She is also a cover artist for the Islander newspaper.



On June 23rd, Jon Young, a Milton Artists' Guild member and muralist led the Promise Community project creating large outlined, paint-by-number-style colorful images to be painted on each dugout in Bombardier Park. Younger artists created their designs on canvases which will be exhibited throughout the month of August at the Milton Art Center and Gallery and will be showcased at the August 9th reception. This project was made possible with funding from Milton Promise Community.


The Milton Art Center & Gallery is home for the Milton Artists’ Guild and serves as a hub for the arts in the Milton and greater Northern Chittenden community. The center and gallery features exhibits (permanent and rotating); a frame shop, gift shop and rental space for artists and community groups. Visitors can visit Wednesdays through Sundays between the hours of 11:00 am-6:00 pm.  Visitors are encouraged to stop by regularly to see “artists in action” in the space and participate in ongoing art workshops, informational sessions and community activities.


As well as showcasing four artists each month, the Milton Art Center and Gallery provides a year-round schedule of exhibits, workshops, and art-related activities for people of all ages. Specially-themed events will be scheduled throughout the year. There are 188 members of the Milton Artists’ Guild with over 100 artists works exhibited with the gallery.

The Mission of the Milton Artists’ Guild is to support the creative endeavors of members and to stimulate the appreciation of the visual Arts in Milton, Vermont

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