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Janice DeCooman

Wildflower Weaving

Nearly forty years ago, I  took a Navajo weaving class at the local high school and I have loved creating with fiber ever since. I've raised many fiber animals to spin and dye, knit, crochet and weave. Weaving came very naturally to me. Threading sequences remind me of musical chords and treadling patterns remind me of playing a spinet piano as a child. I love designing each project and dressing my loom with a kaleidoscope of colors. Treadling and throwing the shuttle, watching the patterns develop and the color changes with repeats and rhythms is a meditative process with tangible results. Weaving a splash of colors together using fascinating patterns, the art of weaving, is music for my soul.

I create one of a kind woven and wearable art as well as beautiful and useful items for the home. I work with silky fibers like tencel and bamboo, practical cotton and warm soft wools. I often incorporate hand-painted warps into my work for the beauty of unique color combinations. I so enjoy teaching new weavers and watching the magic can begin for them. 


New for 2017: ~Weavart~ original artwork, literally woven into a piece they inspired.

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