Jen Kenney

Moon Cradle Pottery

My journey with clay began as a child. The rain would bring the dark puddles, rich with the mud for my hand formed pies. The ocean where I grew up would provide a wealth of discovery at water’s edge – sculpting sand for drip castles.


When I came to clay work as an adult, over twenty years ago, the feel of it in my hands was an instant homecoming to those joyous experiences as a child.  To this day, it continues to be a good friend of mine.


I move through new techniques and fresh ideas often in my work. The possibilities for form and surface design in clay engage me to the point that I am forever exploring. Most often, my work uses stoneware clay. I tend to like functional forms for their utilitarian, practical sense, but at the same time, I look to the form as a canvas to carry texture and imagery. Currently, I am working with various methods for imagery  - photographic print and decal transfers, scans or drawings of my findings from the meadows, woods, riverbanks, and ponds of Vermont, as well as slip decoration and sgraffito techniques.


I feel blessed to be engaged in a medium that enriches my life in so many ways, and I am grateful if my work has any part in enriching the lives of others.


Jen Kenney

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