Julie Griffis

Focal Point Art Studio

Hello!  My name is Julie Griffis, and I am the Artist & Owner of Focal Point Art Studio in Milton, VT


I have enjoyed creating art in many different forms my entire life.  As a young child, I could be found with my sketch book drawing beautiful Vermont scenery or busily working away on a new craft project.  My childhood friends often joked that my life motto was: "I can make that!"  As I grew older, I never abandoned my love of art, however, my passion for helping people led me to the University of Vermont where I graduated with a degree in Physical Therapy which I practiced for over 16 years.  


Several years ago, after battling a sudden, mysterious decline in my health, I was diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease.  My health issues forced me to take a break from my Physical Therapy career, and I turned more intently to Art as a form of expressive self therapy.  Being creative not only gives me a productive, positive focus for my time, it also helps me learn about self acceptance, overcoming obstacles, practicing patience and finding beauty in everyday things.  These valuable lessons have  allowed me better navigate my path to healing and recovery.  


Now a self-taught painter and full time Artist,  I have found incredible joy working at Blue Jay Creative Common teaching art classes and "Wet Your Bristles!" Painting Parties.  I haven't lost my passion for helping people, and I continue to do so now by encouraging people to access their own, innate creative abilities through art classes, artful healing workshops, teaching natural healing essential oil classes and expressive healing bodywork sessions.  My life motto has since evolved, and is now:  


"May the beauty of what you love

be what you do."

Be well,
Julie :)

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