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Just RON Enterprises

Ron has been “artistic” all his life. He retired from his own home remodeling business five

years ago and after moving back to Vermont a few years ago he had been helping friends with

their businesses, but decided to get back to his art-ventures involving no schedules! In the

past he’s had a successful cake business and custom dog jacket venture (Flicker Slicker), to say


nothing of the imagination needed in home remodeling. Now he “re-craft” items that are

generally discarded as trash or find new uses for second-hand store items.

Ron does a lot of work in reclaimed wood, cutting pieces into new shapes, painting them, or

adding metal wire decorations - he makes both standing and hanging pieces in a variety of

styles and sizes. In addition, he also makes birdhouses out of reused baskets and other suitable

items, giving them new life and an important purpose!

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