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“MILTON, VT- The Milton Artists’ Guild is a collection of artists from all over Vermont. Their mission is to support artists across the state and beyond. Among the artists they support are what’s known as fiber artists. Fiber artists are artists who work with quilts or felt, or any kind of artwork that involves sewing or knitting materials.

Over the past few weeks, these artists have taken on a new kind of artwork. They have been working hard to make masks."

The Milton Artists' Guild's Team of Sewists has donated over 2,500 masks to workers all around Burlington and Chittenden County! They have contributed to the pool of more than 20,000 masks made and distributed to more than 80 organizations as of May 15, 2020.


"The City launched this initiative after initial conversations with regional medical partners, sourced 1,400 yards of  "bull denim" (a thick fabric) and lighter cotton in partnership with local fabric store Rags & Riches, and partnered with the Lyric Theatre Company and Milton Artists' Guild to help create prototype masks and Gadues to help clean them. Added partnerships with Vermont Teddy Bear, hundreds of community sewers, Queen City Dry Goods, and many others to help scale production"

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