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Nicole Gadouas

Illustrated Lake Champlain Pebble Art

My creativity is my means of communication in which I use to engage with the world and people around me. Some of the mediums I use are ink, graphic pen, and acrylics. In my work I enjoy using bright colors, clean graphic lines, and playful quirky themes. My artistic process starts with extensive research, exploring, and self-teaching. I don’t limit myself to specific kinds of art. As an artist my outlook on life is to continue to grow creatively and support the presence of art however I can. I am always exploring and experimenting with new mediums through self-teaching if my concept leads me there.

I am inspired by the uninhibited spirit of children and nature. I am also passionate about creatively collaborating with others and advocating for the arts on all levels. I love the back and forth sharing of ideas and concepts that then leads to shared visions. Using my creativity to give back by teaching, empowering, and helping others is my true joy.

Just in the past three years I have added mixed media to my 2D illustrations. This exploration has lead me to my recent work making Lake Champlain Pebble art. The mixed medium allows me to use local materials from the lake along with adding the use of ink and pen. Endless possibility unfold the more I explore and play with the pebbles and drift wood found on the shore of Lake Champlain. 

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