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The Milton Artists’ Guild (MAG) was

created in 1988 as a collaborative for rural artists to display and share their love of art. Since that time, it has grown into a gallery that not only supports its

175 artist members, but the local community as well. Our mission, as a non-profit organization, is to make art accessible to all people, promote artistic expression, and support the creative economy. We strive to make our communities more beautiful, bring people joy through art, and create a hub for

all artists and aspiring artists to play

with art for many years to come!

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Our Story

 The Milton Artists’ Guild was established in 1988 by a group of artists in Milton Vermont looking for a community of artists with whom to share their passion. The group met in livingrooms and studios, and had shows an exhibits all over town. With annual shows and membership consistently growing, the group decided it was time to evolve; the MAG officially gained non-profit status in 2011.

In 2017, the MAG opened its 6,000+ square feet of retail space which is located at 199 US Route 7 South in the plaza behind the Milton Post Office. This art center and gallery showcases the work of over 145+ artist members and has become a hub for the arts in Milton and the region. The Art Center & Gallery feature both permanent and rotating exhibits, as well as community meeting places and workshop space. Enrollment has grown over the years and in 2019 the MAG’s membership has reached 200 members. 

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We will build a support network for artists to exhibit, learn and experience their artwork. We will bring artists together to exhibit together, and support each other across Vermont. We will put Milton on the map as an art hub of Vermont. 

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Core Values

We create opportunities for artists to learn, display and sell their artworks. We believe that art is a foundational part of one's education. We believe that everyone should have access to art. We believe that everyone should have access to, and ability to learn about, art. We believe in equal opportunities for established and aspiring artists alike to learn about and experience artwork. We believe in sustaining a healthy, safe and fun work environment for staff and volunteers alike. We believe that art should be sustainable and generate joy for all who make and experience it.

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