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Amanda Brunell

Throughout my youth I was drawn to art and creativity. I had multiple interests but was always drawn to art. As I was deciding on a path in life I was not aware of the opportunities in the field so pursued other areas. None of my pursuits fulfilled me and I continued to be drawn to areas related to art. I worked in the field of baking and cake decorating to find an outlet for my creativity. I continued working in these fields and had two children, having a busy full life. As my children got older and into school, I found time for myself in the early mornings. I created a space in my home and worked on drawings at 4:00 am. I started by giving my pieces as gifts and posting on social media.

When creating my work, I utilize colored pencils and markers. I aim for realism and get my inspirations from everyday objects and animals, creating a 3-D effect. My favorite works are my original black and white images. These images are white on black paper thus creating art that allows the viewer to finish the picture in their own mind. I choose to create pieces that I can imagine on someone’s wall in their home. I pay attention to shadows and highlights that create the realistic look of each piece. I take photographs and use other media to inspire my creations.

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