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Bernhard Wunder

Photo Art


Bernhard is a Westford, VT based photographer specializing in fine-art landscape photography. In addition he also offers real estate photography services for people looking to rent or sell their house or apartment.


“Being an adopted Vermonter, I am humbled and proud to call this state my home since 20+ years. My passion is landscape photography, macros and abstracts. Please enjoy images from Vermont and New England as well as from National Parks and other beautiful places I had the privilege to visit. 


Photography is more to me than just preserving a memory to me. It is capturing an emotion, telling a story and expressing myself at the same time. Like Don McCullin said, “Photography to me is not looking, it is feeling. If you can’t feel what you are looking at, then you’re never going to get others to feel anything when looking at your pictures”.


Over the last few years, my style has been drifting away from capturing and presenting subjects as close to the reality as possible (classic, journalistic photography) and is evolving into the realm of what I call "photo-art". It is more about personal interpretations of the captured scene and ultimately an artistic vision. My post processing techniques are aimed to emphasize the mood and emotions at the time of exposure.”

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