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Bonnie Palmer


In 2013 my daughter-in-law created an addict!  She had been working on some needle felted creations for awhile and notice that I was very interested and so she gave me a kit for Christmas.  That started my addiction and I have been busily “stabbing” ever since.


As a child I was always drawing, mostly horses, and always hung out with the art room crowd in high school, but as an adult I hadn’t had much to do with art until I took a class on water color from Kathy Redman.  I went on to paint for several years, but I hadn’t ever done any 3D work until I started needle felting. The process of bringing to life a felted sculpture is very satisfying and I find the actual stabbing to be calming.  I highly recommend it.


I started with small animals and birds have made pet portraits for several people.  I am currently working on a detailed Nativity scene.

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