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Donna Blatchly

Donna Blatchley
Donna Blatchley
Donna Blatchley
Donna Blatchley

A native of Vermont, Donna lives in St. Albans, is married with two grown children, and has two grandchildren. She learned to knit at an early age, but it wasn't until 2005 that she became fascinated with the art of felting. 

Always having had a love for handbags she put the two together, creating an endless variety of fiber art designs. Each of Donna's bags are hand knit and felted using the finest quality yarns from around the world. Each of these bags are a one of a kind original design!


She has expanded her expertise in felting to include a variety of other items such as; bowls, gift card holders, bangle bracelets, and also recycled sweater trees.  Donna uses an array of stunning colors, very special touches, and artistic designs in her hand knit scarves, ponchos, headbands, and felted items. Unique buttons, beautiful handles, felted flowers, and distinctive embellishing techniques set these hand knit creations apart. 

In July 2016 Donna introduced Pebble Art to her collection. She spends hours on the beach selecting just the perfect pebbles, stones, sea glass, twigs, and driftwood.  She then washes and sorts them for this unique art.


By maintaining simplicity Donna creates powerful imagery that has a different impact on each individual viewer. 

Donna is also a member at the Artist In Residence gallery in downtown St. Albans and the Vermont Handcrafters Association.

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