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Ellen Young

Ellen Young Art

My focus as an artist is to try to communicate my feelings about the people and places around me in this beautiful state of Vermont.  There are these moments, a look on someone’s face, a tree that guards the beginning of a path, the way the sun lights up a field, the glow of leaves in the woods – I just want to get those moments down and  let other people see that beauty, love, cold, warmth, whatever it was, in the language of paint.


            Like many artists, I’m addicted to color and its expressive qualities.  When I’m outside, even in the bitterest cold of winter, what moves me is how much color surrounds us. The trees aren’t just brown or gray - the tips of branches are golden or wine colored or sometimes even bright red.  The shadows in the snow give us blues and purples.  Stubble in the fields give us more golds and sometimes a pale orange. On the coldest day, when I’m wearing a long coat , a hat, and two scarves, and my dog is lifting her paws because they’re so cold, the sky is most brilliant stunning blue.  When I go back inside I just have to paint that, and it’s me saying, “You have to see how beautiful this tree was, this field was, this sky, this old silo.”

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