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Gerard Sparacino

Gerard Sparacino:


In my youth, I studied fine arts at Hunter College in New York City. There I studied life drawing, working with oils, photography, sculpture, and art history. I presently continue studying watercolors.


I have enjoyed the visual arts all my life. As a young adult, I wanted to pursue being an art teacher. With few opportunities at the time and working in a local pharmacy, I moved on to become a pharmacist. Now retired  I am again exploring art. I have been working with watercolors for the last 5 years. I enjoy the simplicity of the watercolors along with their vivid colors.  I also work with pen & ink and acrylics. My studio is my sunroom. I find the light there best. I enjoy painting landscapes and animals (both domestic and wild). Many of my landscapes are from my wife, Rita’s photography.

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