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Jen Kaigle

Ye Olde Sign Shoppe

Jen Kaigle is a lifelong lover of art who grew up in the hills of Ripton, Vermont, where her mother's creative Billings family left a lasting impression on her own artistic endeavors. Her mediums of greatest interest are painting on a variety of surfaces, photography and printmaking. She earned a Bachelor's Degree in Studio Art from the University of Vermont, where she explored several mediums but had strongest interest in printing processes, with a focus on screenprinting.


After college, Jen's interests turned to photography and painting. Today, her creative focus is largely on the handpainted wood signs that she creates with her husband Bill, in styles ranging from vintage and country to whimsical and eclectic. Jen paints in acrylics and oil enamels and takes great pride in the accuracy and attention to detail in her work. She enjoys working with a variety of reclaimed materials, saying "It's amazing and rewarding to see what we can create from a discarded piece of wood." Jen is also inspired by colors, and is very interested in how colors used in art can make people feel. 


Jen resides at her home shop and studio in Milton, Vermont with her husband Bill, daughter Anna and son Evan. She enjoys gardening, hiking, appreciating nature and watching her children discovering their own artistic talents.  She's happy to open her barn showroom for viewing of home decor signs in stock, or to discuss a custom order. You may also watch this video, explaining some of her story, process and inspiration: 

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