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Kate Paquette

Moments by Kate Photography

Growing up I loved photography. I loved seeing life through the eye of a lens. I always felt I saw the world differently than most. Some would say that was because I had poor vision, but I think it helped me express my creativity. I remember taking out my 35mm camera and taking pictures of the family dog,
visiting my Aunt and Uncle in New Haven, Ct., and photographing rabbit tracks in the snow. That’s the camera I had when I went on my first trip abroad too. My photography journey was not one I expected long term, but I am so happy that it is such a significant part of my life now.

I grew up in Essex, Vermont and my background is actually in Social Work. Photography had been a hobby until 2014 when I returned home from living in Europe. While there, I went through some life changing experiences and was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder called Sjogren’s Syndrome.
Photography then also became part of my therapy. In 2017, I decided to start a small business called Moments by Kate.

Since starting my small business, I created my Etsy shop where I have sold my work throughout the United States and even internationally. I also joined the Milton Artists’ Guild, Professional Photographers of America and Vermont Professional Photographers where I even serve as a board member. I won an
Image Excellence award in 2021 and have received several awards in state competitions.

Aside from photography, my other artsy interests are digital painting, making collages, alcohol ink painting, and playing with my adorable bunny, Moose – yes- not art, but too cute not to mention!

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