Kate Paquette

Moments by Kate Photography

For as long as I can remember, I have loved photography. As a child, I would take pictures in the woods of trees, animal tracks and of the family dog. As I have grown up, I try to always have my camera with me because you never know what you might see. 

I grew up in Vermont and have lived here the majority of my life. My favorite time of year is autumn. I can spend hours taking pictures of individual trees shining with their brilliant colors and looking for the beautiful scenic areas which is not difficult to do since Vermont is a gorgeous state. 

I lived in Finland for over 5 years. There I was exposed to more beautiful landscape and have quite the collection of pictures from my time there as well as some of the surrounding countries. My favorite things to photograph are nature and landscape, animals and photos and my travels. I have a strong love for animals and a huge passion to travel. I want to go everywhere and see everything possible and of course, take lots of pictures in the process :)

For years I have gone back and forth about creating a website or store to show and sell some of my prints. Now, it's time! 

I will be creating an Etsy store as well, but for now, check out my Facebook page.

Thanks for checking out MomentsbyKate!

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