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Marilyn Barry

Marilyn Barry is a jewelry artist based in her home studio in Burlington, VT working in silver and copper metals. She likes to view classic jewelry designs from cultures and countries different from her own. Marilyn gains inspiration from those styles while creating her own unique jewelry.

Using techniques such as forging, hammering, and soldering, she thoughtfully and attentively fabricates a multi-faceted piece. Art concepts, such as form, shape, line, and texture, are also considered when contemplating the design of each bracelet, ring, and necklace.

Recently, Marilyn has delved into sand casting recycled silver. This process includes carving hard wax into a desired form and texture, pushing that into a clay/sand mixture thus making a mold. She then melts silver scraps into a molten state and pours it into the mold. After cooling, filing, and polishing the result is a beautiful organic piece of silver jewelry.

Marilyn is passionate about making jewelry and has been doing so for over 25 years. Continually learning new skills and techniques provides her the opportunity to continually develop and refine new styles.

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