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Melissa Mitchell

    Melissa Mitchell has always been involved with the arts in one way, shape, or form her whole life.  She has lived in Northern Vermont for the bulk of her years, spending a several years in New Mexico only to return back to the lush and lavish land that is Vermont.  She mainly focuses her art in melted crayon work that can sometimes include cutout overlays when the mood hits her right.  She also dabbles in painting, felting, jewelry making, and other arts. 

Since marrying her husband, Matt Duffy, she has picked up the photography bug once more in her life and has enjoyed nabbing pictures of Hummingbirds and grabbing shots of larger birds out at the Sand Bar and other various spots around the state.  She enjoys taking pictures and portraits of animals, both domestic and wild, and grabbing a good sunset shot with clouds whenever possible.  She started a blog before she and Matt met, wed, and became homeowners.  Now that blog is where you can see their photography, artwork and learn about them as people.

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