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Mylissa Kowalski Davis

Mylissa grew up in rural NY, as a child you could often find her outdoors in the fields and woods
that surrounded her home. Her love for art has always held a strong connection with the
outdoors, and nature has been a constant inspiration in her work.
From an early age you could find mylissa honing her artistic skills. Her mother herself a wildlife
artist continually encouraged Mylissa to keep creating. Her early drawings started out in pencil
and charcoal, but would later utilize soft pastels. The pure pigments and softness of pastels along
with the speed at which you could lay down color ignited her love for the medium.
In 2006 she received a Bachelors of Art in Medical Illustration from Rochester Institute of
Technology. Medical Illustration is a truly fascinating profession. It combines a passion for art
with a love for science. It requires great attention to detail and exactness. While focusing more on
human anatomy in art, it teaches important skills that can be used in any type of drawing.
After college Mylissa moved to Seattle, WA. There her subject matter gradually moved away from
Medical Illustration and turned once again to nature. Mylissa would spent eight years in
Washington immersing herself in her art as well as the beautiful wildlife and scenery of the area.
In the spring of 2015, Mylissa and her husband relocated to Vermont. The natural beauty of
Vermont's landscape greatly influenced her return to landscape painting. She began to focus on
plein air painting, and gradually took up oils. Today her paintings encompass a wide range of
subjects such as landscapes, wildlife, and animal portraits. Nature continues to inspire her art.
No matter the subject or medium, the common thread in her artwork is the intention to portray
beauty and meaning in the subtleties that surround us. Mylissa is a member of the Northern Vermont Artist Association, Essex Art League, Southern Vermont Arts Center.

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