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OLM Leatherwork

Ober Lopez Mazariegos is a Mexican native who has resided in Vermont for the last 16 years. A jack of all trades, Ober has always enjoyed using his hands and has dabbled in woodworking, welding, carpentry, and other more "industrial" arts. He found his way to leather smithing at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and took to it like a bird to the sky. Ober's inspiration for his pieces comes from basic everyday needs: a lover of the outdoors and everything that comes with it, Ober wanted to create highly functional, rugged, beautiful pieces of living art that would last for years while serving as a constant reminder of our connection to the earth. His collection includes knife sheaths and utility pouches, bags, wallets, and braided leather jewelry, just to name a few. 


When he's not bent over a sewing machine or his workbench, Ober can be found hiking, biking, and spending time with his wife, Abbie, and their many four-legged family members.

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