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Pia Sachs-Donerkiel

Jewelry by Pia
Woven Silver Chain
Hammered Lapis Ring
Custom Agate Pendant
Hand Formed Leaf Pendant
Twig Earrings
Simple Silver Disc Necklace

My name is Pia and I make jewelry. Obvious, right? Well, not really. Like many of us, that is but one facet of my life. I am also a mom, a wife, an employee, a daughter, a sister, a student, and much more.


I have made my way over the last few decades doing many things, from photography to sales to banking and volunteering. What I discovered along the way was that being a cog in a machine wasn't enough.  I needed to see the whole story, and make something that was full of beauty and would last.


I started working with wire and hammers more than 10 years ago, mostly because it’s all I could teach myself. I soon discovered that learning by watching a video is like learning to swim by reading a book. It doesn’t translate well. As a result, I started to enroll in courses and started observing artists who I admired. I learned beadwork, leatherwork and have since progressed to courses in metal working, soldering and stonework, both locally and in the Boston area. What I found was a way to finally make something that I saw and make it come to life.


My home now contains a studio, where I spend many hours working. I start with sheet sterling, spooled wire, and unusual stones. I'm not driven by gems, rather by the uniqueness and individuality of a stone or fossil. I love seeing what comes out of a collaboration with a client, who wants to design their own pieces and my biggest joy is seeing my pieces go everywhere from Germany, to New Zealand and even Japan.


I am still a working mother, wife, and daughter but now I am also a Jewelry Artist, and that makes me happy.  


Finally, I am doing what I am supposed to be. 


Thank you for your interest and your positive energy.


Enjoy being.   



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