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Raquel Sobel

CaDaMano Ceramics
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Playing with clay makes time stop and the world disappear… I love creating pieces that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. I’m always searching for balance, fluidity and harmony in them. Challenging forms intrigue and draw me into them. I get lost in the different shades of blue and I love using overlaps to create texture and depth in the glazes.


Most of my work is done on the potter's wheel.  The magic that happens there fascinates me. I begin with a ball of clay and change it dramatically into a basic bowl or vase. Then, with very soft and subtle touches, I completely change its personality and give it its character. It's really magical! Afterwards I love carving them and once again completely change them!


Originally from Uruguay, where I played with clay a little bit. I then learned and taught pottery at UVM’s Living  & Learning program. Since 2012 I’ve been happily making pots in my own studio at home in Colchester. When not in my studio I can be found at work where I use my skills as a biologist.

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