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Rosemary D'Elia

I am an artist who strives to bring color and joy to my acrylic, watercolor, and mixed media works.  My goal is to help people of all ages explore art as a way to express ideas and feelings, to see the world and to see themselves, and to explore nature and the things around them.  I have been creating since I was a very young child, but have rejoined the art world in earnest as my children grew and am now devoting my full focus on my studio practice. My primary mediums are acrylic, watercolor, collage and mixed media.  The ideas of belonging and identity are strong themes in my work as an adopted, mixed race artist.  Exploring who I am by nature, my heritage as a Native American and as the descendent of artists is fascinating to me and I am working to bring those concepts to the front of my works.

As an art teacher, I am constantly inspired by the creativity, mediums, and honesty of the children I work with and focus on bringing that wonder and joy to my practice.  Young children are so open and so willing to try new things, to find inspiration everywhere, and to be proud of and happy with their work!  Their "Play" is their work! And as naturally creative and artistic beings, they find the joy of art.  I find inspiration everywhere, from the five and ten year olds I work with, to the drive to work, to my travels around the world. 

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