Stephanie Romero

Chase & Snap Pet Photography

Growing up a tomboy absolutely in love with nature and animals, it was only natural that I’d gravitate toward the niche of pet photography. I have been practicing photography for almost two decades and have specialized in pets in their natural environments such as a beach, a park or just curled up at the foot of the bed for about 7 years. I look forward to capturing many lovable pet personalities with Milton, VT and surrounding towns as the gorgeous backdrop.


People ask me, “Why pets?” It’s because besides being lovable, adorable, and all cuddly cute, they remind me of how I used to be as a child. How everyone should live their lives. Completely in the moment, being 100% themselves, having this wonder and curiosity about the world around them. Loving with abandon. 


So it is my responsibility to remind everyone through my art, of that mentality and also capture the relentless loving bond that pets and their people share. Because it’s moments like those that make life worth it.

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