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Bruce Pendleton

Artist’s Statement ​

The eyes of a young child view the world with awe and wonder, seeing shapes and nuances of light and color and motion in beautiful and unique ways. It has been my lifelong goal to use my eyes to view the world in such a way and to use my camera to record these visions. As we grow older and realize that there is often ugliness to be seen and recorded, I believe it is the mission of the artist to bring his special “views” to the attention of others. I will continue to use my eyes and my camera to that end.



Bruce Pendleton is a former New York City advertising, corporate annual report and editorial photographer. He is an author, filmmaker, and a teacher of design concepts and large format studio photography. 

Advertising clients’ have included Armstrong International Floors, Citibank, Duofold, Dupont, Exxon, General Electric, Heublein, IBM, KFC, Manufacturers Hanover Trust, Minolta Camera, Moen, Pepsico, PPG Industries, Radio Free Europe, Seagram Distillers, Siemens, The U.S. Postal Service, Zeiss, and many others. 

Editorial clients were Argosy, Esquire, House Beautiful, Look Magazine, and Stereo Review. His Stereo Review credits total more than 230 magazine covers. 

Bruce co-produced, co-directed, and photographed "The Old Swimming Hole" film, winner of an honorable mention at the (1968) San Francisco Film Festival. He also photographed, directed, and edited "A Coconut Story,” an industrial film for the Red V Coconut Company. 

Pendleton illustrated six books on antique firearms including “100 Great Guns,” “The Kentucky Long Rifle,” and “The New England Gun.” Examples of his gun photography have appeared on the History Channel's "Tales of the Gun." He also illustrated "Warriors and Worthies" written by Dr. Helmut Nickel, Emeritus Arms and Armor Curator of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. 

"Creative Still Life Photography" by Bruce Pendleton is one of the “Master Class Photography Series” and was published by Prentice-Hall in 1982. A number of colleges use this book as a teaching aid. 

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