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Request to Teach a Workshop at MAG

Every member of MAG makes a great workshop instructor. Whether you're a seasoned teacher or just wanting to try your hand at working with adults or children, the Milton Artists' Guild is a great place to get that experience. Every teacher is paid $50 per hour. You can teach just once, or a recurring weekly or monthly course - whatever works for you!


Take a look at our current listings: 

Take a look at our workshop teacher contract and sign with Google Docs, File Viewer, Adobe Acrobat, smartphone photo editor, or print and scan this. Email your completed form to, or bring it into the gallery.

Request to Teach a Workshop at MAG

Thanks for submitting your workshop.

Thanks for filling out this form! Your responses will be forwarded to our workshop committee and volunteers will get back to you through email.

If you don't hear back within two weeks, feel free to email and CC!


We appreciate your willingness to teach a workshop at the Milton Artists' Guild and we can't wait to learn and create alongside you.

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