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Pamela Sullivan

I’m a recent transplant to the beautiful state of Vermont. Living near the shores of Lake Champlain has reignited a lifelong passion for photography. My focus has always been on nature. The lake is a wonder to me and I live for the ‘other-worldly’ views and changing moods it provides as the time of day, the weather or the seasons' change. The lake is most often my muse, but I also love to photograph the creatures that live along its shores and elsewhere. Flowers, insects, birds are some of my most recent obsessions. 


I want to bring the detail of the natural world that surrounds us into your view so you can enjoy, appreciate and wonder at it as I do. I have a sense of wonder at these things and want to try and share it with you. It’s never been more important to appreciate our planet and nature’s amazing detail. My goal is to awaken that wonder and appreciation for the intricacies of the natural world in all who view my pictures. 

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